Meet the Therapist

Yoko Sudo, MA, ET/P

  • Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan with Japanese mother and Thai father.
  • Obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Special Education with an emphasis of Educational Therapy at California State University, Northridge.
  • Professional Member of Association of Educational Therapists (AET).
  • Worked as a kindergarten assistant, Japanese language school teacher, reading center teacher, tutor, and translator.
  • Occasionally holding seminars on special education, educational therapy, mild disabilities, instructions on reading/writing.

  • At present, Yoko Sudo is providing educational therapy to students with special needs, including Learning Disability (LD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and ADHD while giving individualized reading and writing instruction (including phonics and vocabulary) tailored to the needs of Japanese and English bilingual students.

My goal is to teach joy of learning and enjoy the learning process with the client.

Hello, I am Yoko Sudo, an Educational Therapist.
Thank you for visiting my website.

The clinical teaching model, which became the basis of Educational Therapy, was brought from Europe to the United States in the 1940s. Later, a group of educators who are specialized in special education, psychology, speech/language, and child development established Association of Educational Therapists (AET) ( in California in 1979. Currently, a few universities offer a training program to become an Educational Therapist. In California, Chicago, or New York area, a number of Educational Therapists is growing little by little; however, there are still few in other states. Moreover, there is no Educational Therapist in Japan yet, or a similar professional who provide such service. My goal is to promote Educational Therapy and related special education service while helping individuals with special needs as an Educational Therapist who speak and write Japanese and English.

I have never received instruction from a tutor, but I plesantly remember the memories with my piano teacher and a teacher from a local cramming school. There are probably many people like me, who remember the memories of ordinary interactions with teachers from their childhood. The most important thing in my Educational Therapy is the relationship between the therapist and the client. In school or a cramming school, tearchers have challenges to provide instruction that meets the needs of all students. Some students may hesitate to ask questions or do not know what to ask because they are so confused, and such students need one-on-one instruction. Many factors such as the client's future goals, dreams, struggles, and environment have effects on their learning process. Therefore, I believe the individualized instruction is the ideal form of education, which acknowledges and accommodates all of the above.

I also believe that all individuals have the areas of strength and needs. Nevertheless, some individuals are less advantaged at utilizing their areas of strength in school life or the exisiting society structure. That is why I would like to help everyone discover what he/she is good at and teach fundamental learning skills that support them throughout their lives.