Procedure of Service

  1. Initial Consultation

    Please feel free to share your concerns about learning. Depending on the needs of a client, Educational Therapy or other services may be recommended. Consultation is usually for an hour.

  2. Overall Assessment

    Assessment includes formal and informal academic assessment, observation at home/school, interview with a client, reviewing school reports and developmental history.

  3. Decide Short-Term and Long-Terms Goals

    Educational Therapist and the client will discuss the goals of Educational Therapy, the areas of study, the length of session and the frequency of session.

  4. Estimate

    Once Educational Therapist and the client agree on the above matters, Educational Therapist can create estimate of service.

  5. Individual Instruction

    Start working on the individual teaching plan, which Educational Therapist and the client agreed on. Educational Therapy can take place at home, library, or other public facility. If it is held at a remote location, additional fees for transportation may apply.

  6. Periodic Review

    Educational Therapist and the client periodically reviews how they are doing with the individual teaching plan. Sometimes, the client's goals change or the client may acquire skills earlier than expected.

* Length and frequency of Session
Depending on the goals and needs of the client, the length and frequency of session varies. Most sessions are for 60 to 90 minutes, and once to three times a week. However, the client's needs will be greatly considered.
* Price
Depending on the age of the cient and the service provided, price may vary. Educational Therapist can give you estimate after listening to the client's requests. Please let us know if you have a specific budget.