Joy of Learning is the theme

What is Educational Therapy?
Educational Therapy is individualized education service, which teaches fundamental learning skills for students with different learning styles, strengths, and needs. To enhance overall learning skills, Educational Therapist provides specialized service tailored to individual needs based on the knowledge of education, psychology, linguistics, and statistics.
  • Learn about Educational Therapy
    Educational Therapy is usually provided for students with learning disability, ADHD, or Autism Spectrum Disorders; however, students without disabilities can also receive educational therapy.
  • What are mild disabilities?
    Mild disabilities include learning disability, high-functioning autism, Asperger syndrome, emotional disturbances, and ADHD. Individuals with mild disabilities have difficulty with cognition, langauge, social skills, physical abilities, and so forth.
  • What kind of service provided?
    Three major types of service are educational consultation, individual education service, and case management. In principle, Educational Therapist assess student's learning skills, designs individual teaching plan, and teaches students according to the plan.
Goals of Educational Therapy
  • Learn Area of Strength and Needs
  • Find Area of Interest
  • Acquire Study Skills
  • Share Concerns about School or Learning
  • Learn Area of Strength and Needs
  • Find Solutions of Problems